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Zera Tasmania
Founder / Creative Director
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Ridho Catur Prakoso
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Febru Danar Surya
Graphic Designer
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Mochammad Chaerul
Graphic Designer
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Ammar Zhafran
Graphic Designer
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Ayu Asmala Dewi
Company history
We start from bottom, now we are here

Founder start as a Freelancer
Before Getlook Launched, Our Founder start new project become a freelancer.
Getlook launched
Our Founder decided to build Getlook, after become a freelancer for 2 years. Because, She needs to hire team for many projects.
More Project, more team!
After Getlook launched for a year, we got so many project we should handled, So we decided to hire more team. And here we go…
Getlook Digital Agency is...
Who we are
Hello.. we are Getlook.
We are Digital Agency based in Bekasi. We’ve been worked for 4 years, since 2015. We provide your brand needs, especially for digital markeng. Our goal is to make your brand has beer visual and increase your selling from first sight, Because we should #ThinkVisual
Because we’ve handled more than 300+ clients and will always do the best for our clients. We priorize design quality, we want your brand looks amazing and beer than competor. So, before we process your design, we should talk each other and sharing what the best for yours.
We also give the best price for you. You’ll realize, the best design come from the best effort with the best price.
Our designers have very good taste, they can make any concept as you want.
We create all your brand needs.
We help you to increase your brand visual to be more
interesng and beer than your competor.
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